I’ve had my iPhone for a few months now…and I love it more and more every day!  I tend to collect lots of pictures while I’m out and about without my camera (yes, even photographers sometimes leave the camera at home now and then).  So – I’ve decided to start sharing some of my favorites with you, right here on this very blog!  It will be a weekly installment (at least, until you get so bored of me that you beg me to stop, or I start forgetting to post…hopefully is the latter and not the former!), so set your reminders to check back often!

Here’s the first iPhone Photo of the Week – it’s of my niece, taken at sunset overlooking Lake Erie from the rooftop seating at Crabby Joe’s in the Port Clinton area:
Post-processing app details:
Instagram [Earlybird]
Ain’t she purrrtey? 🙂  It’s photos like these that will get me through the long, cold, harsh Ohio winter!
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