Another weekend gone by, another family met and played in the waning summer sun for photos!  Oh, I’m so going to miss summer (but probably not the humidity!).  Late last week, the Feeback’s met Jason and I at Toledo Botanical Gardens, and after a bit of a hiccup and a late start (did you know that there is “Jazz in the Garden” every Thursday?!?  Check it out next week – looks like tons of fun!) we had a blast!

Kristie is a Danberry Realtor, which is how she found me.  I had never really met her kiddos before, just barely had seen them in passing here or there.  They are so much fun, and they were totally great with photos (especially since mom had brought a gigantic bag of Dum Dum’s along…who wouldn’t smile when bribed with one or 50 of those???).  
Here are just a few favorites from their session, but be sure to visit the Feeback Family gallery on for the rest!

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