This weekend, Jason and I headed out to meet the family of a long-time friend for a photo op. Shaun (Jason’s friend from elementary school), his wife and son currently live in a land far, far away (this time, I mean it…Abu Dhabi…it’s ok. I’ll wait while you Google it. Back? Ok!). They’ve come back “home” for an extended visit with family and friends in three states, so while they were here in Toledo, the fam thought they better schedule some photos, stat!

Check out the shirts in that last photo. Aren’t they cool? They actually had family T-Shirts made…hey, wait. I wonder if they’re Irish?? (Little inside joke there…totally random…when I was in high school and was dating Jason, I randomly came to my parents one day and said “hey, I think Jason’s family is Polish!”. My parents both laughed and laughed. Jason’s (and now my) last name is Jaworski. What? I grew up in a sheltered small town where everyone was German. Leave me alone.)

Before we were even quite finished with the session, I noticed that people started to go missing. First, the baby and his mama…then dad…then mom…I think we were able to capture the family at their best, before everyone started to melt from the humidity! 🙂

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