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Kyrsten is going to be a high school senior this year, and I can’t wait for her senior photo session! Since she’s family, we get to be a little relaxed in the planning of that session, but that helps build the anticipation a bit! Just last week, she called and asked if we would mind taking some photos with her Dad and his family before they moved out of state. I wanted to help out with this, because I knew how much those photos would mean for her when creating her portfolio. Here is just a quick look at what I’m calling her “pre” Senior session, but for the full Merritt family gallery, please visit!

Please take a quick peek at a recent new construction in Whitehouse:

Beautiful, yes? For more information, contact the Realtor: Vicky Pelchat or visit the Wesley Farms website for details.

You’ve me them before, but I just had to share some pictures from their most recent session.  Sarah calls me up about once a year for some updated photos, and I happily comply because she and my niece are beautiful! (Oh, yes. I might be biased. But, hey. This is my blog, so I guess I’m allowed!) This year, we headed over to the Marblehead Lighthouse and surrounding grounds in the state park for a quick session.

If you’d like to see all of the Sarah & Reese, 2011 session on, click here.  If you’d just like the highlights, check out their session video, below.  Thanks for stopping by!

I’ve had my iPhone for a few months now…and I love it more and more every day!  I tend to collect lots of pictures while I’m out and about without my camera (yes, even photographers sometimes leave the camera at home now and then).  So – I’ve decided to start sharing some of my favorites with you, right here on this very blog!  It will be a weekly installment (at least, until you get so bored of me that you beg me to stop, or I start forgetting to post…hopefully is the latter and not the former!), so set your reminders to check back often!

Here’s the first iPhone Photo of the Week – it’s of my niece, taken at sunset overlooking Lake Erie from the rooftop seating at Crabby Joe’s in the Port Clinton area:
Post-processing app details:
Instagram [Earlybird]
Ain’t she purrrtey? 🙂  It’s photos like these that will get me through the long, cold, harsh Ohio winter!

Randy (Jr.), Jacob and Jessica recently complied with their parents to have some portraits done. I say they complied, but I think we all had a teensie little bit of fun during this process. I’ll let you see for yourself, but I’m happy with the outcome…I even got a little tiny smile out of Randy by the end, and that, my friends, was quite an accomplishment! I kid, I kid – they were great, and I hope to see them again for some updated photos next year!


And, don’t forget to take a peek at the full gallery on! Oh, and how could I not share their session video…enjoy!

Whew.  A little behind is what I am…here is a family that Jason and I met a week ago at Lakeside.  They wanted some family portraits taken while they were all together, vacationing at The Junebug Cottage.  If you’ve never been to Lakeside before, well, you are really missing out!  It’s a quaint little gated village right on Lake Erie, and it’s smack dab in the middle of Marblehead, Ohio.  It’s cute, and fun, and family-friendly…all at the same time!

Janelle contacted me to coordinate this session.  She, her sisters, their mom, plus all of their families were staying in Lakeside – together in the same cottage – for a whole week.  Here’s what I envision that to look like:

No! Not really! They really were just the most wonderful family, ever! In fact, when I arrived, Andrew (he’s Janelle’s oldest) gave Jason and I some Toy Story stickers as a token of his appreciation. Seriously. I totally had an “Awwwwwe!” moment, because that was just so darn cute! Here’s what they really looked like:

Mom and all three sisters are simply gorgeous!

And, the family has a little inside joke regarding What About Bob…remember that movie? Here’s their take on the famous “I’m sailing!” line:

They are a great family, and I’m so happy that I had the pleasure to meet and work with them. If you’d like to see a little more of our session last week, please check out their session video below or take a peek at the King & Extended Family Gallery on!

Nope.  Not my home…don’t I wish?  Well, maybe.  The thought of moving gives me the heebie jeebie’s sometimes.  And other times?  I really just want to jump in headfirst and ask questions later.  It really becomes a day-to-day struggle inside my own head.  No, this is not my home, but is listed instead by one of the agents from my “day” job at Danberry.  Donna Friesner is selling this home at 3939 Coneflower.  It’s a beautiful Maumee, Ohio, property; please, won’t you take a tour? –

Another weekend gone by, another family met and played in the waning summer sun for photos!  Oh, I’m so going to miss summer (but probably not the humidity!).  Late last week, the Feeback’s met Jason and I at Toledo Botanical Gardens, and after a bit of a hiccup and a late start (did you know that there is “Jazz in the Garden” every Thursday?!?  Check it out next week – looks like tons of fun!) we had a blast!

Kristie is a Danberry Realtor, which is how she found me.  I had never really met her kiddos before, just barely had seen them in passing here or there.  They are so much fun, and they were totally great with photos (especially since mom had brought a gigantic bag of Dum Dum’s along…who wouldn’t smile when bribed with one or 50 of those???).  
Here are just a few favorites from their session, but be sure to visit the Feeback Family gallery on for the rest!

This weekend, Jason and I headed out to meet the family of a long-time friend for a photo op. Shaun (Jason’s friend from elementary school), his wife and son currently live in a land far, far away (this time, I mean it…Abu Dhabi…it’s ok. I’ll wait while you Google it. Back? Ok!). They’ve come back “home” for an extended visit with family and friends in three states, so while they were here in Toledo, the fam thought they better schedule some photos, stat!

Check out the shirts in that last photo. Aren’t they cool? They actually had family T-Shirts made…hey, wait. I wonder if they’re Irish?? (Little inside joke there…totally random…when I was in high school and was dating Jason, I randomly came to my parents one day and said “hey, I think Jason’s family is Polish!”. My parents both laughed and laughed. Jason’s (and now my) last name is Jaworski. What? I grew up in a sheltered small town where everyone was German. Leave me alone.)

Before we were even quite finished with the session, I noticed that people started to go missing. First, the baby and his mama…then dad…then mom…I think we were able to capture the family at their best, before everyone started to melt from the humidity! 🙂

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