Hot, hot, hot!  That’s me describing the weather lately, not the Bengela family!  Though, they are a pretty good looking bunch, too :).  Jason and I met up with the Bengela family last Saturday (the same day that the sun scorched the earth and landed directly on top of us here in Toledo, Ohio…but I’m not bitter about it or anything).  Man!  We went directly from winter to summer…and not just summer…we skipped over May/June/July and went straight into the August heat and humidity (and bugs!) here.  BUT, the Bengela’s are troopers!  The whole bunch traipsed with us through Wildwood for just over an hour as we sought out bits and pieces of shade here and there to stay slightly cooler.  We genuinely enjoyed the time spent with the whole gang, and we look forward to Abbie’s Senior pictures soon!  Until then, here are some of my favorites from their family session:

Don’t forget to visit their online gallery at to view all of the great shots from their family session! And, check out their video on YouTube by visiting the Photography By K Video channel!

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