What a crazy weather weekend it’s been!  Friday we had a 50 degree day, followed by a touch-and-go-is-it-going-to-rain? Saturday.  The skies cleared just long enough for Jason and I to meet the Palm family for a photo session at Wildwood park.  You may remember the oldest daughter, MiKayla, from her senior portrait session last summer.  This time, the whole crew joined in!

Even though they’re not much for sitting (inside joke…I still love you, guys!), I managed to get the crew to sit when there were stairs or walls involved:

And dad? Well, he just wasn’t much for showing me a smile…99% of the time. I managed to steal these, which crack me up every time I look at the series:

I hope they had fun…I know that I did! I’m pretty sure the kids did, too. Check these out:

…don’t forget to check out the Palm Family Video over at my YouTube Channel!

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