…oh, the April rain just keeps on coming! We’re in the middle of May, but it just won’t. stop. raining. And? I just turned my furnace back on so that I don’t freeze my tootsies off tonight. But, I was perusing one of my favorite websites tonight: They are having a “May Flowers” challenge this week, so I thought I’d enter. Maybe entering will take my mind off of the drizzle…

Here is a photo of the Lakeside Daisy. The Lakeside Daisy blooms briefly every May near the quarry in Marblehead, Ohio, just outside of the Lakeside gates. It only blooms for a few short weeks (sometimes days), and it only blooms in a few places in the US. I felt privileged to walk into the rocky field to steal a few shots. Here’s my favorite:

Ah! That’s better…now, if we could only control the weather with our minds… 🙂

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