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I’m in between a few sessions here, and so I’m taking advantage of some much appreciated down-time by joining another photo challenge.  We’ll get back to the regular schedule soon, I promise, but now I’ll share a quick peek into my personal life…

This time the theme for the challenge is yellow, and I just happen to have a very recent photo of my niece holding some beautiful yellow carnations and white daisies.  She participated in the Bridal Fair and Fashion Show just this weekend at Mon Ami Winery on Catawba Island, and posed for me after she had changed back into her street clothes.  All of the girls were beautiful and I have to give a shout out to my sis – Sarah – who helped run the Fair.  Everything went off without a hitch!  Here’s Reese with her bouquet:

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The only thing constant in life is change, right? 🙂  Well, I’ve once again changed the look of this blog.  This time, I didn’t change the background or do anything really major, but I’ve been wanting to post larger pictures for a while.  So, I finally fixed the width of the page so that I’ll be able to post LIFE-SIZE images!!  Okay, not really life-size, but larger than the ones in the posts below.  Previous posts (below) will remain in their original format, and the photos will look slightly off-center.  Going forward, new posts (above) will look fantastic, and the photos will look like this:

More sessions coming soon…!

…oh, the April rain just keeps on coming! We’re in the middle of May, but it just won’t. stop. raining. And? I just turned my furnace back on so that I don’t freeze my tootsies off tonight. But, I was perusing one of my favorite websites tonight: They are having a “May Flowers” challenge this week, so I thought I’d enter. Maybe entering will take my mind off of the drizzle…

Here is a photo of the Lakeside Daisy. The Lakeside Daisy blooms briefly every May near the quarry in Marblehead, Ohio, just outside of the Lakeside gates. It only blooms for a few short weeks (sometimes days), and it only blooms in a few places in the US. I felt privileged to walk into the rocky field to steal a few shots. Here’s my favorite:

Ah! That’s better…now, if we could only control the weather with our minds… 🙂

Forrest is a graduating senior at Springfield/Penta this year. When we met last week for her portrait session, I think she said that she literally had two weeks of class left before graduation! Woo hoo! Forrest brought her killer hair with her to the session:

(I mean, really…lots of depth, sideswept bangs that pretty much stayed put, AND volume? What more could a girl ask for?)

Her precious dog, Lily, also tagged along:

And, I just love a gal who comes prepared with lots of fabulous wardrobe changes for her session:

Congrats on your graduation, Forrest! Good luck at Owens in the fall!

Happy Birthday to Katie…she turns 2 this month, and it’s been so much fun to watch her grow! She has quite a spunky personality, smiling (or sometimes not), running (or sometimes not) – you just never know how she’s going to react. At only 2, she’s already telling it like it is, and so when we got together with her and her parents, we spent some time just walking and talking and making sure that Katie was comfortable. Mom – Lindsey – came very prepared. We had balloons, we had bubbles, and we had a blast!! Here’s a quick video of her recent session at Sidecut Metropark in Maumee:

My favorite snap of the day has to be this one:

This was Katie’s “Say Cheese” pose (and we accomplished this by bribing her with the playground that was located just a few feet behind me). As soon as we finished this pose? Katie took off running, and never looked back!

Which one is your favorite? Take a peek at Katie’s full gallery and leave me a comment!

Here they are! Meet the Lamprecht family! We met just over a week ago at the Toledo Botanical Gardens to snap some family portraits. What a great time…the weather was chilly to start, but the day began to slowly warm up over our hour-and-a-half journey through the gardens. Here’s the whole bunch:

…some with Grandma and Grandpa:

…and some of the family groups, too:

Side note: The above two photos crack me up every time. Especially the one on the left…when I asked for the “serious face”, dad’s got it pegged, but the kids? They just look like they’re very irritated with me! 🙂

Towards the end of our session, someone (and I can’t remember who to give the credit to) asked “hey Kathy, can we go see if we can take some photos in front of our old house?” “Sure!” I replied, not sure exactly where we were headed. Apparently, George and Linda used to own a small home right on the edge of the gardens. Now, the park owns the whole street of homes and uses them for various crafting centers. AND? We were able to make our way to the front of the property to capture a few nostalgic photos, too!

I’ve kept them waiting far too long.  My sincere apologies to the Lamprecht family…your gallery from the last weekend in April is coming very, very soon.  Here’s just a quick little peek until I can publish the rest (hopefully, tonight!) –

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