Finally! It’s spring! Birds are chirping again, and the sun is finally, finally warm. I was so excited to go out this weekend for a couple of sessions. Coming next…you’ll meet Erika, a graduating Senior at Anthony Wayne. But right now, from a different family, here are the siblings: Max and Jill.

Max is 13 and is an aspiring pianist. Yes, I can play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (and the ABC’s…which of course has the same tune…), and I can tell you all about how white Mary’s little lamb was on those ivories, but Max? His ambition is to go to Juilliard. Go Max!

Jill is 6 and wants nothing to do with the piano. 🙂 But, she was super excited to have her picture taken, because she had her hair professionally coiffed and was wearing her first ever pair of high heels! I know that you’ll agree that her dress was just the most darling thing for a 6 year old to wear for spring photos…

Enjoy a few of my favorites from their Saturday session. Don’t forget to visit my website and click on Client Proofs to view their entire gallery!

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…and of course, here’s their video:

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