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If you have visited my site this weekend and are frantically searching for your Client Proof gallery…I want to let you know that they are all still there!  I’ve been working on the site, and have made some improvements that I’m hoping will help with the navigation, look and feel.

Click here to view all client proof galleries, now organized by month.  If your session took place before May 2010, you’ll now find your photos under the “Archived” box.

Most of the galleries from 2010 will expire tomorrow, February 28th, so hurry and place your last minute orders today!  If you have any questions about the new site navigation, or if you would like to reactivate your shopping cart, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Hello 2011!  I’ve been away…well, not really away, but taking a little photo and posting break during the month of January.  So, even though it’s now February, I figure it’s appropriate to welcome the new year here on this blog!  Let’s get rolling into 2011…join me by perusing Joey’s 1st Birthday photos…

You may remember Joey from a warmer session last summer, in a post just after he turned 4 months old.  Well, now he’s getting ready to turn the big O-N-E, so we had a (much chillier, mid-winter) indoor session at home.  This time, the whole family joined in, too!  Congrats to the family on their new home, and Happy 1st Birthday Joey!

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